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 What is Fouad GBWA APK?

Amongst all the modified versions of WhatsApp, this is the only MOd that gives huge amounts of highlights like numerous different applications. The most important part is you can not attain a lot of highlights in Original WA.

Along these lines, If you need this and need to attempt an alternate application for WhatsApp, at that point, this is my pick for you. The quickest application accompanies incredible enhancements and highlights.

I already said that the developer develops this Fouad GBWA only for utilizing this application for a third record (If the User has).
Indeed, users can utilize FMWA by a similar designer as opposed to utilizing this because both are accompanying similar highlights. The main contrast is both accompanied by separate bundle names.

This thing will assist you with logging in to another record.


The following are some pivotal highlights that I might want to let you know. As of now, I referenced this has a similar adjustment of FMWA.

  • Use 3 Accounts

Fouad GBWhatsApp APK

  • Use 3 WhatsApp Accounts

That’s right. You heard it right. Try not to need to peruse once more.

On the off chance that you have some mystery records or business accounts, at that point, this will be the most elite ones at present. However, Users must Install FMWA and FouadWA for this reason.

 Fouad GBWA Themes

Fouad GBWhatsApp APK

It accompanies themes that are created by the YoWhatsApp group or clients of the application. Huge amounts of themes are accessible in the Store. Straightforward you have to download and apply inside the application.

Indeed, you can stack the theme from capacity on the off chance that you download through different locales.

 Fouad Customisation

Fouad GBWhatsApp APK

  • This includes regular in the vast majority of the applications that are like this one. Users can locate some increasingly one of a kind customization right now.

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